What are your hours?

  • Our hours are based on your needs. If you want to workout at 4am, we’ll be in there at 3:30am.

Do you do multiple sports or just basketball training?

  • At Quek Performance, we do performance training based for all athletes. We have clients from the east coast that row for a division 1 school to top tier golfers here in the west coast. The majority of our clients are basketball players and request basketball specific workouts however, our training will increase your strength and explosive power, strengthening your core and lower back. Also promoting a healthier lifestyle, the athlete will learn the proper fundamentals of lifting and eating.

Where are you located or what area do you serve?

  • We serve the greater San Gabriel Valley / Pasadena area. We have clients from Glendale, Burbank, Los Angeles, La Canada, and San Marino.

My sport is in season, should I still workout?

  • Yes! We consider ourself a proactive powerhouse, which means there is always something that can be done. Whether its recovery, stretching, correctional movement, lifting, speed drills, footwork, the list is endless. If your sport is in season, see the season timeline where we breakdown the lifting and workout regiment.

Will lifting hurt my child’s growth?

  • No! As long as they lift in the correct form and pattern mixed with the right recovery tools. There are more dangerous activities that could potentially stunt a child’s growth. Hence our performance training which helps strengthen the important areas that prevent injury in such cases.

Do you have customer service?

  • Of course! Go ahead and click the contact us link and send us a message. We will typically respond within the hour.