Studies have shown that 90% of the population has experienced some type of spine problem at least once in their lifetime. Many of those people have neck and back pain, however it doesn’t just stay in one area. It can travel though your limbs or head/eyes as it radiates into your gluts, groin, and hips. Each episode of stiffness and pain can overtime become worse, by lasting longer or travel farther from its origin. Try and catch the pain early in order to stop eventual damage to structures in your body or even failure in certain parts of your spinal cord. Of course this is one of the worst case scenarios in which physical therapy alone won’t be of help.

At Quek Performances we make sure you’re prescribed to the appropriate exercises for your condition. We can also modify any of the exercise according to your necessary needs. These exercises will help stretch or strengthen any of your muscles according to your needs.

Be sure to check by Quek Performance in Pasadena! We’re in the San Gabriel Valley! We are happy to assist you in your performance as well as in any of your specific needs.

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