Stress fractures normally occur due to a sudden increase of activity level/ training; or from overexerting yourself during training. In basketball, it occurs frequently in the foot and/or lower leg (your tibia). Once diagnosed, a period of immobilization and non-weight bearing is suggested. How a stress fracture occurs is when your muscles become fatigued/overused, thus resulting to the inability to absorb added shock. Eventually, your fatigued muscles transfers the overload of stress to the bone causing a tiny crack called a stress fracture.

The most important thing to do at that point is resting that leg as much as possible. At Quek Performances, our goal is to return you to your normal daily activities or even back to your physical state prior your injury. If you don’t receive the proper rehabilitation, chronic pain, swelling, weakness or an even more severe fracture, could arise further limiting your body to it’s fullest capabilities.

At Quek Performance we will work on:

  • Your Range of Motion seeing as it may have decreased during your resting time period.
  • Muscle strengthening exercises, further activating your inactive and weakened muscles.
  • Body awareness and body training.
  • And anything specific to your needs.

Be sure to check by Quek Performance in Pasadena! We’re in the San Gabriel Valley! We are happy to assist you in your performance as well as in any of your specific needs