A turf toe typically refers to an injury to your big toe, or simply a sprain to the ligament at the base of the big toe. This positions gives strain to the bottom of your MTP joint (metatarsal bone). This results in damage to the surrounding bone structure as well as the plantar plate. Normally this injury occurs when your toe comes into contact with a harder surface area (especially when jumping) or when your first/big toe is hyperextended.

Recovery for this injury, on average takes approximately 3-4 weeks, depending on how bad the sprain is. If you do not take care of this injury, it may even develop into hallux limitus/ hallux rigidus. This condition essentially means that your range of motion decreases due to arthritis around the joint. This can cause problems in the rest of the foot or lower limb due to changes of your walking cycle/gait. Here at Quek Performances we’ll help train and strengthen your muscles around your injured foot. We’ll use general toe and foot exercise that’ll help rehabilitate your foot.

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