If you run, you probably know what shin splints are. The general nature of shin splints- a.k.a. medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS)- can be generalized into a few words: too much, too soon. It can be due to improper stretching, your worn down shoes, or the repetitive stress pounding on one leg/hip due to much running on, cambered roads or always running in the same direction on a track. Typically, one leg is involved and it is almost always the runner’s dominant one since it is overused. Experts agree that when shin splints strike you should stop running either completely or decrease your training. It just depends on the severity and length of pain you have. Your first step should always be ice to reduce inflammation. Here at Quek Performance we can help teach you the proper techniques to stretch before exercising or different ways to train and get into shape instead of just running.

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