After pulling a muscle, going through physical therapy isn’t the easiest, nor is it the most comfortable experience. When you pull your muscle, the first step is to find exercises that’ll ‘push you to the limit’, but WITHOUT increasing the damage done. Normally the first exercises are light isometric contractions that are very easy. However, you should not be afraid to test your tissue, or else it won’t be challenged enough and rehabilitation will take longer. However, it is also important to know when you have reached your limits, and once you find that limit; make sure to respect your body and take a break.

On another note, you should also make sure your core is stable as well as your other muscles in your body are well in tuned. The goal is to prevent future injuries as well as getting you back to where you were before. By incorporating components of your flexibility, endurance, strength and speed (depending on your specific sport) we’ll help you get there.

If you suffer a muscle strain which fails to respond after a few days or continues to bother you in anyway, please contact us as we are happy to assist you in your performance as well as in any of your specific needs. Be sure to check by Quek Performance in Pasadena! We’re in the San Gabriel Valley!

((In the end it’s always nice for a remedial/ sports style massage, ensuring your scar tissue won’t clump.))