One of the main reasons why you lose muscle is due to your lack of physical activity. However atrophy, or when your muscles waste away, is most prominent after surgery, due to the fact that you rarely even use that muscle right away. Here are some tips to help regain some muscle.

1. Try replacing some of the carbs in your breakfast with Greek yogurt or eggs to help spread your protein more evenly throughout the day. The increase of protein will help with muscle synthesis—the first step toward repairing and building new muscle.

2. Also note that taking in too much of protein-rich foods such as meat, fish, and cheese (along with refined grains and salt) can create an acid build up inside your body. This can be dangerous because it’ll start eating away at muscle over time. But do not fear! In order to counteract that acid build up you must take in fruits and vegetables. The fruits and vegetables supply potassium and magnesium you need that buffer these acids and protect your muscle tissue from getting consumed by the acid build up.

3. And finally, you need to know that by gaining muscle it requires physical activity. But you also have to know that by lifting the same 15 weight dumbells won’t do you any good. In fact you may even back slide as you start to age and really just not get anywhere. That’s why you need to exercise “progressively”, or increase the difficulty of your workout as you get stronger.

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