Hamstring injuries are probably one of the most common injuries in any sport. This includes basketball players, skaters, runners, soccer players, football players, etc.

So to begin with, what is a hamstring? Your hamstring can be found behind your thigh, and note that it isn’t actually a single “string”; It’s actually three different muscles that run down the back of your leg, and when you contract they allow you to bend your knee. And when your hamstring is strained one of those three muscles is overloaded and starts to tear. Normally Hamstring injuries occur when you overexert yourself when running, jumping, or stoping/starting abruptly.

Treatment for these types of injuries are obviously the normal first aid kit routine such as: ice, compression, elevation, rest, etc. Once the initial acute stage has passed you may start to apply/alternate hot and cold pads and during the later stages of treatment. The heat alone should be applied for up to 20 minutes to stimulate blood flow, thus relaxing your muscles. Here at Quek Performances we’ll apply different massaging techniques as well as put you in a full rehabilitation program. This program will include stretching, strengthening and functional exercises that’ll help you go back and do what you love.

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