The majority of the people believe that speed is something you’re born with and that you’re genetically inclined to be quick. However this isn’t the case, just like everything else in life, you must work for it. So, if you’re not born fast, how do you attain it? If this is the question you’re asking, come check out Quek Performance! There are hundreds of millions of skeletal muscle fibers in our bodies, we just need to learn how to properly train them and efficiently use them to their fullest potential. Anyone can increase their speed, it just the matter of practice and how you train, and if this is your goal we’ll help you attain it! Whether it’s to shave off those seconds off your 100 meter dash, to run a marathon, or ensure a healthy body… we’ll help you do it. Someone who wants to increase their general speed will have a proper training schedule and a set of goals they want to accomplish. Remember that your body need time to improve, so always make sure to give your body the proper nutrition it deserves.

Be sure to check by Quek Performance in Pasadena! We’re in the San Gabriel Valley! We are happy to assist you in your performance as well as in any of your specific needs.

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