Let’s talk about shoes! You may not have considered this when you were picking out your basketball shoes, but the decorative design shouldn’t be the only thing to consider. Wearing the incorrect footwear for basketball, or for any sport can carry risks for your safety. The American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine has suggested that by wearing poorly designed shoes could result in problems, especially for your lower back, leg, hip, and obviously your ankle. Running shoes for example seem great and flawless, and they tend to be light due to the thin material they’re made out of. Running shoes are design to cushion your feet with every step, which should be taken into consideration when shopping for basketball shoes. Without a doubt the best running shoes are the shoes you barely feel at all; seeing as they are flexible and lightweight. However, the problem with running shoes is when you continue to regularly play basketball in them, the risk of injury becomes more serious. Imagine yourself landing from a rebound, however you are landing in a sea of other sweaty players all scrambling for that ball, and those flimsy running shoes could mean: you sitting on the bench with a twisted ankle. Note that basketball shoes are noticeably different from regular shoes. Basketball shoes design: tall, stiff, and on the bulky side. The sole of the shoe is thick and ridged, and to top it off the shoe is ankle high. This design ensures a safer play, you can perform regular stops and starts as well as landing safely in a heap of players, without turning your ankle or putting too much pressure on your feet.

Also note that 68% of NBA basketball players wear high-top shoes, so it is in style. (All according to theĀ American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine). If your preference of shoes isn’t a high-top shoe, or if you’re worried they’ll slow you down. Do not worry! Low style basketball shoes are just for you! (Also note that 10% of NBA basketball players wear them). However they ARE different from running shoes since their soles and sides are more firm. Whatever your style is: if you’re a more forward player… heavy powered shoes are for you, if you prefer general play lightweight-all around shoes are the best, and if you are a point guard/ a faster player a super-lightweight shoe should be your go to.

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